Everything You Need to Know About the FordPass App

Driving has recently become significantly easier. Last year, Ford came out with an app that combined technology and driving in ways you never thought possible; FordPass can now help drivers find parking amongst many other technological advances — you don’t have to own a Ford Fusion, Ford F150 or any other type of Ford to use the FordPass.

The Marketplace

Do you hate driving down streets of Salt Lake City trying to find parking and searching for much longer than you should? The FordPass app has a feature called Marketplace. Marketplace allows ride sharing, car sharing and parking; FordPass has paired with ParkWiz. Those who use the app will be able to find and reserve a parking spot before they even leave the house. How nice is that? You will never have to complain about parking again.

Services for Ford Owners

The FordPass app offers special services for Ford owners. The smartphone app will be able to unlock and lock your car, start your car even when you are still inside the house and check the fuel levels along with many other features. You can now start the engine and warm up your car before you even set foot outside.

Owners of the Ford Fusion and all other Fords can check their monthly loan and lease payments on the app as well.

FordPass members can also enjoy Perks. The app offers perks that allow owners to take advantage of everything FordPass has to offer, such as FordPay. This allows you to pay with the app — Ford has partnered with 7-Eleven and McDonalds.

FordPass is just the beginning of further technological advancements in cars. You don’t have to drive a Ford truck or any type of Ford for that matter to benefit from the FordPass app. As cars continue to advance, it will be interesting to see how technology in cars advances too.





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