Escape on a Scenic Utah Drive

The best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Utah is to get off the freeway and adventure onto a scenic byway. We know that cruising around town in your Ford is a small luxury itself, but to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city revs our engines more than zero traffic along I-15 on Monday mornings. At Henry Day Ford, we know that a short road trip through Utah is the best way to enjoy your Ford. Whether the model be a zippy Fiesta or the roomy Escape, these scenic drives are sure to please.


Utah’s Most Scenic Byways


  • Alpine Loop – American Fork Canyon through Uinta National Forest to Provo Canyon. The Ford Escape will get you through any rugged terrain.
  • Bear Lake – SR-30 from Garden City to Laketown. Any of our models are suitable for this popular drive. Be sure to pick up a Utah raspberry shake!
  • Big Cottonwood Canyon – U-152 from Salt Lake to Brighton. Fifteen miles of Utah’s biggest recreation hot spot during all four seasons. The Ford Escape might be best in the winter, but any model will make it up the canyon during the dry months.
  • Legacy Parkway – State Route 67 runs almost parallel to I-15. This drive is for those that want a great view of the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountains, but want to stick close to home. The Ford Focus will be great on gas mileage for this 14-mile drive.


At Henry Day Ford, we have many other models for your scenic drives. Visit our website or stop by the dealership to see our vast inventory.


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.


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