Electric Is the New Black

With the age of innovation and environmental awareness urging forward hand in hand, Ford Motor Company is taking advantage of the opportunities. They announced that instead of spending their $1.6 billion budget expanding their facilities in Mexico, they are now expand their production capabilities, of which comes the increase of their electric vehicle production.

The company announced that some of their vehicles, such as the Ford Mustang, will now have a hybrid version, making your trek to Salt Lake City that much more environmentally friendly.

Why Electric?

The future for electric cars is bright and they are closer than ever to being commercially viable. Though environmental and social awareness plays a major role in the push towards electric, there are several other reasons people are predicting this promising future and an increase of electric vehicle sales. First, there continues to be a significant decrease in battery prices. Second, longer-range cars are being produced.

This means that electric cars, such as the new emerging hybrid Ford F-150, will now be able to travel from West Valley City, Utah to anywhere in a 200-mile radius on just one charge. Lastly, there will be an increase of charging stations at workplaces, apartment buildings and campuses. A lack of these charging stations is what created a large obstacle in a broadened EV use.

With these changes and an increased number of car manufacturers adopting the EV concept, it is predicted that electric vehicles will account for 35 percent of global new car sales by the year 2040 — electric car sales have already grown by 60 percent worldwide just in the last year alone.

Ford’s Giant Leap Forward

Ford Motor Company is making its first steps towards electric by introducing plug-in hybrid models of the famous F-150 as well as the Mustang sports car. With these two prominent models moving towards electric, the company can expect to see further hybrids being produced in the future.




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