EcoBoost Me

Let’s face it, fuel economy is in. So in, we could almost call it the new black, but that would be really lame so we probably won’t. But we could. Countless studies show that fuel economy matters most to people like us: even more than looks, performance, and high-tech toys; and it probably should. Given the state of the world fuel market, its instability and inflation, along with the fact that fossil fuels aren’t exactly being replenished, we have plenty of good reasons to be concerned about how far we can drive for our hard-earned cash. And while we’d all love to just make the wholesale switch to hybrids or electric cars, those options are sometimes expensive and limited. We need a happy medium between the gas-guzzling monsters of the past and the environment-saving hybrids of the future.

EcoBoost is that happy medium.


When Ford decreased the engine size of the new Fusion, a lot of enthusiasts groaned a little bit inside. Decades of automotive innovation have taught us that newer means bigger, faster, louder, quieter, nicer, softer, and more fuel efficient; so a down-sized engine feels like a big time bummer for a lot of people. What Ford has done, however, is decrease the size of the engine to increase fuel efficiency then making up for lost performance by turbocharging. The result is a punchy, fun four-banger that gets up to 36 mpg on the highway.


So before you get all up-in-arms about smaller, realize that Ford is doing the impossible: satisfying our needs of faster and more efficient at the same time. Nice job, Ford.

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