Driving Safely With Your Pets This Summer

Many Utah residents enjoy bringing their dogs into the mountains to accompany them while hiking or running. The drive from West Valley City, Utah to the Wasatch Mountains may not seem like a very far distance, but pets can still easily distract drivers and cause them to crash their brand new Ford F150. Follow these simple tips to ensure safety for both you and your pets while driving your Ford vehicle.


Invest in a seatbelt for your pet. Human seatbelts can be dangerous because they will likely not fit a pet very well. It is important that you fit the seatbelt accurately when you are purchasing it for your pet, otherwise it can be counterproductive. If you are transporting smaller animals such as a cat, then it may be easier to use a pet carrier rather than a pet seatbelt. This reduces your distraction because the pet is not sitting on your lap or wandering around the car.

Keep Your Pet in the Vehicle

Allowing your dog to stick its head out of the window can cause far more serious issues than you may originally think. If you are driving into the mountains in Utah, then you are likely going to encounter natural debris — which could fly into your dog and injure it. Additionally, put pets inside your Ford F150 rather than in the bed of the truck. Putting your dog in the bed of the F150 may seem more spacious, but it also provides an opportunity for your pet to jump out and cause danger to other drivers.

Make It Enjoyable

Make sure to bring some food and water for your pet while you travel. It is also a good idea to feed your pets a little bit before you take them on a trip. If you make a quick stop before heading into the mountains, make sure that you don’t leave your dog in the car. The Utah heat can be very dangerous to dogs if they are left unattended in a car with the windows closed.

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