Decking Out Your Ford F-150

Navy Blue 2015 Ford F-150

The Ford F150 is a very popular truck. It can be seen from the rural roads in Utah to the busy streets of a bustling city. A lot of truck junkies love to buy this truck and then impress their friends by tricking it out. So how customized can someone actually make this truck?

The F150 is a very customizable truck and is very easy to upgrade. One of the biggest customizations people like to do is install a new exhaust or muffler. These mufflers can make the truck sound like a monster!

Another popular customization tool is an air intake system. This can be installed to give the Ford truck some extra power. The air intake system pushes oxygen into the truck’s combustion chambers to help boost horsepower.

For those who have a truck that is lifted, installing some nerf bars and running boards can help make getting in and out of the truck much easier. This adds a step up platform which will ease the stress in the legs and also adds some style to the truck.

Installing some suspension systems will make a difference in the overall feel and utility of the truck as well. Whether someone is going off-roading in Utah, hauling construction supplies or towing a boat to the lake, adding a suspension system will make any task easier.

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