Comparing the Model A to the Ford Fusion

In 1903 the first Ford Model A rolled off the assembly line, wowing the world with the idea of the automobile. This year the 2017 Ford Fusion became available in dealerships across the world, including West Valley City Utah’s Henry Day Ford dealership. How far have we come from the original launch of the Model A?

Horsepower in the Horseless Carriage

The original Model A amazed the public as Ford boasted it had an 8 horse power engine and could reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. By today’s standards, this wouldn’t impress a bicycle enthusiast, much less a car owner. Back then though, that speed was a treat. Today’s Ford Fusion can have between 176 to 325 miles per hour, depending on the type of engine you have in it, and can reach speeds of 85 miles per hour on its electric engine alone. The Ford Fusion is capable of running on electricity as well as standard fuel, while the Model A could only run on gasoline.

Standard vs. Extra

The Model A had several luxuries that had to come extra from the initial purchase, including a back seat and a rubber roof. Though these add-ons only cost the consumer an extra $30 to $50, the idea of having to buy the roof extra is as alien to most modern drivers as the idea of a world without cars. The Ford Fusion of course comes with a roof and a back seat, but customers can also get a variety of add-ons for their cars including bike racks, seat warmers and stereos, all perfect for taking a summer drive in Utah.

The Cost

When it was sold to the first Ford owner, a dentist from Chicago, the Model A sold for $800 for a two-seater. This was considered a major luxury item only the well-off could afford. Today’s Ford Fusion, while far more expensive, is priced and financed for anyone in Utah to own.

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