Choosing Your Ford Password Wisely

A recent study from SplashData found that one of the most popular Internet passwords is “Mustang,” notching another unique accomplishment for Ford. Unfortunately, the popularity of the password also makes it one of the weakest and most easily discovered passwords if extra measures are not taken to strengthen it.

If your love for your Ford vehicle is so great that you want to use its name for your Internet password, Ford’s Media Center gave a few suggestions to make your password more secure.

Possible ways to strengthen your Ford-themed Internet password include adding acronyms for modifications you have made to your vehicle or numbers for the year you purchased your vehicle. Mixing upper and lower case letters and symbols can also make the password stronger and more unique. Users can even include a favorite driving destination in their password (such as Moab, Utah). The most important thing is to customize the password in a way so that it is not easily hacked.

Surprisingly, the F150 did not make the list of top 25 most popular passwords, despite being the best-selling vehicle in Utah and across the nation for over 30 years running. However, this does potentially make using it as part of a password more secure.

Whether your favorite Ford vehicle is the Mustang or the F150, if you want to incorporate it into your Internet password, be sure to take the proper steps to make it as strong as possible.

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