Challenge: F-150 vs. Ping Pong Table

It’s a good day to be a marketer, because today is the day we got a ping pong table in the office. Amazing, right? But how on Earth do you get this surprisingly heavy and awkwardly shaped cardboard box of joy back to the office? Obviously, you do what every human being on this planet does when they have a task like this to perform: you call that friend of yours with a truck.

It really is one of the greatest injustices mankind has to suffer, that purchasing a beautiful truck somehow indentures one to a lifetime of moves, landscape projects, and hardware store runs with which one has no direct affiliation. I think if Spiderman were here, he would remind us that “with great truck comes great responsibility.” That is a direct quote.

In this case, however, our friend wasn’t a person as much as a massive conglomerate of people with access to a literally innumerable quantity of trucks. We could’ve purchased every ping pong table on this planet with the number of trucks Henry Day Ford keeps around. But we didn’t; we just bought one. And we took our F-150 Platinum to go get it.

Upon arriving at the sporting goods store, I reversed into position with the F-150’s rearview camera, lining myself up perfectly with the curb. I stepped out of the truck with the assistance of the F-150’s automatically extending running board and opened the lined bed. To make things a little more convenient, I extended the step up to the bed so our helpful salesman, who was carrying the end of the box, could easily step his way up.

The F-150 dominated the ping pong table, providing plenty of bed space to carry it and a whole slough of tools to make the bed more easily accessible. When we got to the office, I reversed and did the whole process again.

Thanks to the Ford, our ping pong table-carrying experience was completely delightful, far more than the actual assembly of the thing. While owning a truck might make you everybody’s first call for help, it certainly lets you dominate those simple tasks in the daily grind.

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