Challenge: F-150 vs Manly Task

On my last day with the manliest truck I’ve ever driven in my life, I was given an assignment suitable only for such a truck. We needed to pick up a bank tube (you know, the kind you put the little canister in to shoot off to the teller) and bring it back to the office. Well, my little sedan couldn’t ever handle something this big. But luckily, I had access to my F-150 Lariat to get the job done. Here’s how it went down.

The Task: Retrieve this massive, awkward bank tube from a manufacturer approximately 15 miles away.

The Approach: I’m fairly unfamiliar with the west side of Salt Lake County, so when the time came to venture into the unknown, I was thrilled to have navigation in my F-150. The step by step directions came in huge when finding my way. Now, I don’t always do things like this, but I would imagine that this could be a very big deal for those in construction and maintenance-related professions. I easily arrived at my destination without having to use distracting devices like a cell phone.

The Execution: This tube apparatus thing was big, awkward, and heavy. Luckily, this truck is incredibly capable of carrying large loads. The bed size was plenty large for my needs, and we easily loaded the tube into the F-150.

Having a truck, especially this truck, made accomplishing this task incredibly easy. And I can only imagine how convenient it would be to have a truck like this when doing tasks like this day-in and day-out. The verdict? This truck is perfect for anybody with a handful of manly tasks on his or her hands.

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