Challenge: Escape vs. Winter

Well, I’m back at it after a week or so with no brand spankin’ new car to drive around all the time, and, to be honest, it feels quite nice. This time around, they gave me a white Ford Escape with the Titanium trim package. That means this thing is fully loaded, as in Matt Damon in the Bourne Ultimatum loaded. It has MyFord Touch, Sony premium audio, MyKey with remote start, alloy rims, electronic park assist, leather seats, heated seats, blind spot sensor thingies, intelligent all wheel drive, and looks amazing.

Here’s the thing, though. The folks at Henry Day handed this vehicle over to me at the beginning of one of the heavier snows we’ve seen all winter. And that brought on this week’s challenge, as the 2013 Ford Escape takes on winter, a season with at least 2 million known years of experience.

For the craziest winter driving, here’s what the Escape brings to the table:

  • Intelligent 4 Wheel Drive: This means that the Escape’s sensors are monitoring tire traction and torque every 16 milliseconds. If anything slips, the car knows immediately and adjusts accordingly.
  • Ride Height: while many companies have begun making all-wheel drive sedans and wagons, they still underperform in the snow due to low ride height. The Escape sits plenty high to dominate difficult conditions.
  • Remote Start: You can start your car (and warm it up) from the comfort of your nice, warm living room.
  • Heated Seats: They seem like a luxury until you use them once, then they become a necessity.
  • Five-star crash ratings in seven categories, just in case.

The result? A car that dominates in the snow. So dominant, in fact, that even my wife felt safe behind the wheel with snow-packed roads. And that’s saying something. This car feels incredibly stable and secure on the snow. We drove on the freeway and around town and only felt the smallest amount of sliding, which was recovered insanely quickly. After we had the car for only a few hours, I had to face a barrage of arguments from my wife who genuinely believed we absolutely had  to buy this car. And she’s not like that.

So there it is. The Escape against a season older than time itself, and the Escape wins by a landslide, proving itself to be the perfect car for Utah winters.

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