Ford to Add 13 New Hybrid or Electric Cars by 2020

In a recent press conference, Ford CEO Mark Fields announced a plan to add 13 new electric or hybrid vehicles to Ford’s lineup by 2020, spending $4.5 billion in the largest electrified vehicle investment in a five-year-period in the company’s history. While 13 percent of the current Ford lineup available at nationwide dealers is composed[…]

Ford’s College Community Challenge Does a Great Deal of Good

Whether it be here in Utah or elsewhere, the Ford Motor Company is known for producing some of the world’s finest automobiles. Though the 2015 Ford F150 is an impressive accomplishment in its own right, the company openly recognizes that there are more important matters in life. Truthfully, two of those include none other than[…]

US Auto Consumer Satisfaction at Its Lowest Point In 11 Years

Be it here in Utah or elsewhere, whenever hard-earned money is exchanged for a good, it’s hoped that any and all expectations be met, if not exceeded. From electronics and college tuition to high-speed performance boats and houses, the ways in which consumers can spend their cash are innumerable. Furthermore, as far as our line[…]

Ford Maintains Quality While Reducing Environmental Impact

Cars are necessary for day to day life. Unless public transportation is an option, it’s the only way to get from point A to point B. However, these cars can also cause a great deal of environmental harm. For that very reason, Ford dealers in Utah and across the country are working to decrease their[…]

Ford’s Most Successful, Creative Slogans

From here in Utah to the remote of global locations, there has always been one common goal at Ford: to spread outstanding car service. However, good advertising never hurts to remind people who’s got their back. Over the years, Ford advertisers have circulated many different slogans. It was the ones that were both entertaining, yet[…]

Ford’s Journey to Establish the Assembly Line

On Dec. 1, 1913, Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line, aiding mass production for automobiles and changing the industry forever. It all started with Ford’s Model T and eventually extended to automobile manufacturers in Utah and all around the world. The Model T was relatively inexpensive according to most dealers, but when Ford’s[…]

More Than an Auto Manufacturer

Ford is known for making reliable vehicles and selling them at trustworthy dealers. From Utah to the East Coast, the Ford name has made a positive impact on many individuals and communities. However, their quality automobiles aren’t the only factor behind such a good reputation. The company has backed many charities and facilitated other good[…]

The Ford Motor Company: Automotive Manufacturing Efficiency at Its Finest

It was Henry Ford who once famously said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” He was right. With groundbreaking automotive ingenuity pumping out creations like the F150, Mustang, Focus and Explorer, it’s no wonder that the Ford Motor Company has seen incredible success since it’s initial founding way back in 1903[…]