Fords to Take on Long Camping Trips

Both figuratively and literally, Ford is going the distance. Ford’s newest innovations in fuel efficiency have made road trip enthusiasts and campers alike flock to the motor company’s exceptional selection of cars. These new vehicles are built to be the most fuel-efficient cars in their class while also withstanding any road or trail you may[…]

Ford’s Charity Efforts to Detroit

Whether it’s through the financial success of Ford Dealers or its technological breakthroughs in cars like the Ford Fusion, Ford wouldn’t be the company it is today if it wasn’t for the sacrifice, hard work and determination of Ford’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan. The birth of the American automobile happened in Detroit, and without that[…]

2017 Ford Fusion gets Platinum and Sport Versions

Since the Ford Fusion burst into the market drivers have fallen in love with the car, becoming the ninth best-selling vehicle in the Houston region. Now two new Fusion models are breaking onto the scene, one for luxury and the other for speed. All That Glitters Is Platinum Ford’s new luxury vehicle, the 2017 Fusion[…]