C-Max: The Hatchback of Notre-Dame

Unlike the hunchback of Notre-Dame, the C-Max is not a hideous monster that hides in a cathedral.  Rather, it is a hatchback that is blazing trails with its new technology.   People often shy away from hatchbacks like they would the hunchback, but the C-Max rings the bells to a whole new volume.  Utah consumers that are looking for a quality hatchback with new features should consider the Ford C-Max, the Hatchback of Notre-Dame.


The hunchback was unusual, but eventually loved by all.  This aspect carries over to the C-Max in the sense of its new plug-in hybrid technology, also known as Ford’s new Energi system.  This system works like a hybrid engine, but can be plugged in like a fully electric motor, allowing the engine to derive power from mostly electricity.  Such a concept may seem unusual, but it allows the car to go great distances without having to refuel.  Most fully electric cars need to recharge after 100 miles, limiting their long distance travel capabilities.  But the Ford C-Max Energi can drive more than 600 miles before having to refuel and recharge.  The C-Max can really go the distance, averaging 100 miles per gallon.  One could take a road trip from Utah and back with only one tank.


The SmartGuage feature on the dashboard allows drivers to closely monitor fuel economy and the factors affecting it.  These factors are usually affected by the driver, who often practices less-than-efficient driving.  The EcoGuide compensates for this by providing tips on how to drive efficiently for maximum gas mileage.  The Hatchback of Notre-Dame just got even friendlier.


And the engine can do whatever the driver wants it to do.  EV mode allows for the driver to designate how the engine uses up the available fuel reserves.  By turning a switch, they can go to all electric, all gas, or a combination of the two.


Along with most cars in the Ford Super Segment, the C-Max has the option of a hands free liftgate, activated by sticking a foot underneath the rear bumper.  This is a new measure of convenience for Utah shoppers who have their hands full.


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.

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