C-Max: Date Night

I only had one evening to spend with the C-Max, so I wanted to make it count. And since this car has been so highly acclaimed for its ample space, I could think of no more fitting way to spend the evening than out with friends. We took the C-Max out for a delightful and delicious dinner on the town, followed by a spin around town to do some exploring.


The night was magical. And the C-Max handled the four of us wonderfully, for one reason you might expect and another you probably won’t.

With 36.5 inches of rear legroom and 39.4 inches of rear headroom, the C-Max is a dream for date nights, even if you have abnormally large friends. One of our rear passengers is just around six feet tall, and the rear seat fit him just wonderfully. But furthermore, the height of the car makes it incredibly comfortable for conversation and interaction between front and rear passengers. I’ve never even considered this, but in small cars, the back seat seems tucked away and unaccessible. But in the C-Max, it feels much more like an SUV, where your friends (or kids) are on your same level, close enough to have a conversation and feel involved but far enough to give them enough room.

And now for the (other) unexpected way in which the C-Max caters incredibly well to social outings; It’s so, so, so quiet. Really. When I picked the C-Max up from the dealer, my guy Jason (major stud), told me that they sneak up on people in them to scare fellow employees. I didn’t think much of it, until I was having a conversation with friends. Engine noise is almost non-existent, and sometimes entirely non-existent due to the electric-only abilities of the car. And because of the C-Max’s aerodynamics and insulation, road noise is also minimal. Even on the freeway, I was comfortable. The quiet ride made for a much more enjoyable experience with friends.

This really is the perfect car to spend time with friends or family, so much that my next move is to push the folks at Henry Day to let me take one on a road trip. Wish me luck!

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