Buy from a Dealer, Not a Private Party

In general, purchasing a Ford from a local Utah dealer is a resident’s best option. When individuals buy from a Utah Ford dealer, they are doing business with an institution that is protected by law. Private dealers do not have the same legal responsibilities as dealers and are often not held accountable for defects or other problems.

Although prices may be higher at a dealership, the extra cost generally pays for itself. For example, dealers complete a thorough inspection of their vehicles and might even place them under a limited warranty. However, private parties that sell cars in Utah often don’t complete these examinations and almost never offer any type of warranty.

Individuals may experience less pressure when purchasing from a private seller, but this benefit does not outweigh the risks. When drivers purchase new or used cars from private parties, they might be damaged or under a finance agreement. Buying new can help reduce these risks.

Private sellers can deceive potential buyers about the condition of a vehicle and are generally much less reliable than a dealership. Here at Henry Day Ford, we are ready to help you find a vehicle in great or perfect condition that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

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