Best Fords to Get for Your Teen Driver

Choosing a car for your teen is a difficult decision. On one hand, you want your kids to be safe, but on the other hand, you don’t want your crazy teen to destroy your new Ford F150.

Maybe you want your teen to earn the money to buy it. Maybe you’ll buy it for them but demand they do housework for it. Whatever you decide, make sure to first ask your local Ford dealers about the safest Fords out there.

Whether you have money to spare or are a bit tight on cash, you should take into consideration the different factors that should go into buying a car for your teen.

So how do you decide which Ford to get your teen driver?


You should never buy your kids the most expensive car out there, even if you’ve got plenty of money to burn. In addition to teaching them a bit of humility, buying a used car will help them appreciate the responsibility they have been given.

Even if you live somewhere with an extremely affordable economy like West Valley City, Utah, the extra strain from your teen’s vehicle expenses can be tricky. Try to balance affordability with safety, because the two are often at odds with one another.


As far as safe Fords go, the 2017 Ford Fusion is arguably the safest midsize Ford on the road. Although this is the newest model, the older ones are also quite safe.

If you want to go a bit cheaper than the newer Fusion, then you might be interested in the Consumer Reports issue in 2000 that named the Ford Escort one of the safest used cars to buy.


This may go alongside affordability, but you must be aware of the quality of the car itself. If you have to repair the vehicle every 6 months, it may not be worth it to buy it in the first place.

Your ability to correctly balance the decision between safety, affordability and reliability will determine the quality of the car you end up getting.

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