Best Cars For Senior Drivers

Finding the perfect car can be a tough process. Finding the perfect car as a senior can be even more difficult. Here at the Henry Day Ford dealer in Utah, we offer two of the best cars for senior citizens.

The Ford Taurus is one of our midsized sedans. The Taurus offers the  highest in class fuel efficiency. The technology in the Taurus is easy to use and a dealer can set up the phone and other voice commands so that there isn’t any confusion. The lane-keeping system helps look for the blind spots and also makes sure that the driver is staying safe and alert. The trac system is useful in the rough Utah winters, and the easy-to-read-and-see switches make for the perfect combination. Safety and style run together in this Ford. A two-tone seat color is available along with other creative choices.

Ford also triumphs with the senior market through its Fusion model. This car comes complete with new comfort and style seating throughout the whole car. The gas cap is also electrically controlled which helps with safety when filling up. The Fusion has a traffic monitor and many blue tooth options that a dealer can set up for new vehicle owners.

These cars both offer a standard back-up camera and the crucial all weather comfort control. The weather control comes with seat heaters and personal temperature controls so the whole group of passengers is happy no matter the weather and no matter the age.

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