Benefits of an Electric Car

The popularity of electric cars is on the rise, but is still nowhere close to the number of gas-powered cars. There are many benefits of driving an electric car. Henry Day Ford in West Valley City, Utah carries Ford Focus which is an electric car. If you are on the market check out these benefits and head over to Henry Day Ford to check one out.

Home and Work Recharge

A benefit of an electric charged car is you can charge it at home. You can charge it overnight and have a full charge for the drive to work the next morning.  Depending on the type of electric charged car you have, it can last anywhere between 80-300 miles on a single charge. If your work has recharging stations, you can recharge at work too.

They Are Quick

This may be a surprise to some people, but electric cars are actually rather quick. The energy is a quick transition to the car. There is no transition from gas to energy to create power. The electric motors provide a constant torque over time.

Reduced Maintenance

Electric vehicles don’t require as much maintenance as a conventional car. There aren’t as many parts on an electric car to replace. On a conventional car, you have to deal with oil changes, spark plugs, and other services that would have to deal with the engine and transmission.

The battery may have to be replaced on an electric vehicle which can be rather expensive, but is a good trade-off from paying money in gas and other repairs. There are many benefits in buying an electric car that will not only benefit you, but also reduce your carbon footprint in the environment.

Come stop by your Ford Dealership and check out a Ford Focus to see if it’s the right fit for you. If an electric car isn’t the best fit for you, Ford also has the Ford Fusion Hybrid, which is also better for the environment.



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