Basic Things You Need to Know About Your Ford

Your car has been through a lot with you from that unexpected trip to Salt Lake City to your first tire change. In order to keep your Ford Fusion around, it’s important to know everything about it. Here are a few things you need to know about your vehicle.

 Filling up the Tank

 If your car is not electric, it runs on gas. The gasoline is composed of isooctane, butane, 3-ethyltoluene and a type of octane enhancer. Gas is used to run your vehicle, so if your Ford Fusion has the wrong gas it won’t run efficiently or at all. Gasoline comes in three different types. The most common type is unleaded, which is associated with the number 87 at most gas stations. Eighty-nine or plus gas has a slightly better fuel economy. The final option is premium which is 93, this gas may be more expensive.

When deciding what type of gas your car requires talk to your dealership or local mechanic. Keep in mind changing your gas from unleaded to premium quickly will lessen the efficiency of your vehicle. If you are driving anything besides a diesel truck, do not use diesel gas. Diesel gasoline may cause your vehicle to break down or have its engine explode.

 Change the Oil Regularly

 When it comes to the oil within your car is important to know when to change it. In previous years it was recommended to change your oil every three months or every 5000 miles, however now it’s recommended to check your owner’s manual for a recommended time period. When it comes to checking your oil, it’s very simple. Find your dipstick in your engine block and pull it out, wipe it off and place it back in. When you pull it out again check the indication levels on the side to see how much oil you have.

When changing the oil on your Ford Fusion, you can choose to change it yourself or have a mechanic change it for you. Whatever you decide remember to keep track of when it was changed in a service log.

 Know Your Car and How it Moves

The most important thing to know about your vehicle is how it drives. Knowing how your Ford Fusion drives can prevent many car accidents from occurring. The best way to find out how your vehicle drives is by driving it. Pay close attention to the acceleration and braking systems. Remember to tell anyone who drives your car about all of its unique qualities.

Your Ford is not only your car, it’s your best friend. Wouldn’t you want to know everything about your best friend?

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