Based On the Ranger, Ford Plans a New Small Pickup for Its American Market

Ford Office Building

As if the popular F150 wasn’t enough for American truck enthusiasts, the Ford Motor Company recently announced that it plans to craft a new small pickup based on the Ranger, specifically for American consumers both inside and outside the state of Utah. Details as to when the new small pickup will be available to the public have yet to have been released.

That being, according to a Ford insider, as first reported by, the imitation pickup is pegged to be produced in Wayne, Michigan. However, until Ford can reach a formal agreement with the United Auto Workers, it’s unlikely the manufacturing process begins. Employing over 4,400 workers, the 5-million-square-foot facility just outside Detroit appears to be the perfect production candidate for when the mysterious pickup begins production.

Experts cite General Motors recent success with the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon in recent years as the primary catalyst in Ford’s potential involvement, once again, with the small pickup market. Throughout the 1990s, Ford saw impressive sales with their line of small pickups. However, once larger trucks improved in the ways of gas mileage and affordability, namely the Ford F150, the market took a hit.

Unfortunately, any and all “Ford Fanatics” from Utah all the way to America’s East Coast will just have to stay put and wait for Ford to release further updates. Needless to say, until then, the company has provided numerous automotive toys to be admired and used.

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