9 Awesome Country Songs Featuring the Ford Brand

Admittedly, there’s always been a bit of a link between the raw power of the Ford Motor Company and blue-collar America. While it’s true that you don’t have to be a ranch hand on a distant farm in Utah or Oklahoma to drive a Ford F150, there’s no denying the fact that those who engage in such a lifestyle are head over heels about their performance pickups.

It’s for that very reason that Ford—and all of its American-made products, for that matter—have struck a chord with those who’ve made the farming culture a mainstay of their respective livelihoods. That being said, there’s one sliver of the cowboy lifestyle that’s been very much associated with the Blue Oval: country music.

From Neal McCoy to Tracy Byrd, the Ford brand has made innumerable appearances in some of country music’s most famous songs. Not to cause controversy or anything, but a few of our favorites are presented in the following infographic:

Fusion 360 - 9 Awesome Country Songs Featuring the Ford Brand (Henry Day Ford)

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