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The 2015 Ford F150 utilizes aluminum body paneling, not only making it lighter but also environmentally friendly. According to an article published on Torque News, Ford and Heinz Ketchup factories are in negotiations to use the scrap metal from old ketchup plants to make new truck bodies. Ford dealerships from Utah to New York could be marketing this new styled pick up truck.

Ford is also working with the H.J. Heinz Co. of Pittsburgh to see if the skins, seeds and stems of tomatoes could be used to make a new type of plastic.

This marks just one of many efforts of Ford and F150 designers to make the truck as eco friendly as possible.

In addition to the aluminum bodies, the F150 seat cushions are made from soy, console compartments made of cellulose fibers and electric cowl brackets constructed from rice hulls. Since Ford is considering using ketchup factory’s waste, it could lower costs to produce the truck. Lower costs for Ford means lower costs for consumers on top of being environmentally friendly. Despite concerns, the trucks will not smell like burning pizza or tomatoes roasting on a hot day.

Drivers in Utah and across the country can rest assured that the products will be thoroughly tested before being released to the public. Ford’s engineers are instructed to examine odors emitted from its products before the final product is released.

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