5 Ways to Maintain Your New or Used Car

When you invest so much time and money into your Ford Explorer, keeping your car up and running is a big deal. That’s why we came up with five ways to keep your car running in top shape. Whether you own a Ford F150 or a Mustang, these tips should help you properly maintain your vehicle. 

Keep the Oil Fresh

The nicest thing you can do for your car is to keep the oil fresh and clean. Heat and constant friction are putting a constant strain on your engine, and it’s the oils job to make sure that your engine can withstand all that strain. Fresh, clean oil is at the top of the list if you want your vehicle running to its full capabilities. 

Wash, Wax, Vacuum

Washing your car does more than make it look nice. It adds longevity by cleaning away things that can damage your car. The underside of your car is continually exposed to water, dirt, and grime that forms rust. What’s outside gets tracking inside and now all the dirt and grime is inside your vehicle. Keeping the flooring clean will prevent any damage from dirt and grunge.   

Seasonal Checklist

Every time the season changes, you should evaluate what you’ll need to keep handy. Some things to keep in mind are the weight of the windshield wipers which vary with the weather, antifreeze potency when the weather turns cold, and maybe even the tires you run. It will be custom to you and your car’s needs, but regardless you should be prepared for what’s coming. 

Keep up to Date on Recalls

When you get a recall letter in the mail, don’t ignore it. Make sure to schedule an appointment to have the Ford dealers service department handle it. Manufacturers are always looking out for the best interest of their customers and they want to make sure their car is meeting the driving needs of their customers. 

Use Authorized Parts

Whether you do the work yourself or have a shop do the work, make sure you are using reputable replacement parts. This will ensure your Ford Mustang will last long with the best performance possible. 

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