5 of the Classiest Mustangs to Have Ever Hit the Market

Yellow Mustang GT

Known for producing game-changing vehicles like the Focus, Explorer and F150, the Ford Motor Company has always had a way of pushing the proverbial automotive envelope. For example, since first hitting the market in 1964, the Ford Mustang has developed a reputation for looking for new ways to improve upon what quickly became America’s most aggressive, beloved muscle car.

That being said, from Utah to the farthest reaches of America’s East Coast, though each and every Mustang brings with it a unique spin on previous models, there are still a few that rise above the rest as the classiest to have ever been built. Though by no means an official list, here’s our take on the top five Mustangs Ford has ever produced:

Fusion 360 - 5 of the Greatest Mustangs of All Time (Henry Day Ford)

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