2017 Ford Fusion gets Platinum and Sport Versions

Since the Ford Fusion burst into the market drivers have fallen in love with the car, becoming the ninth best-selling vehicle in the Houston region. Now two new Fusion models are breaking onto the scene, one for luxury and the other for speed.

All That Glitters Is Platinum

Ford’s new luxury vehicle, the 2017 Fusion Platinum, will be made for the guy who wants to arrive in comfort and style. A beautiful high-end leather will be used for the instrument panel, and the seats will be both quilted and heated to protect against harsh Utah weather. The Fusion Platinum will retail for under $40K.

The Need for Speed

Alongside the Platinum, dealerships in West Valley City, Utah as well as all across the world will see the unveiling of the Fusion Sport. The Sport will have a dual-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6, making it purr like a kitten no matter where you’re taking it. With the engine, the rest of the Sport will feature upgraded suspension and bigger tires, making it easier to control at high speeds. The car is equipped with a sensor that can warn the driver of upcoming potholes and other road hazards, making this one of the safest sports cars ever made.

The Future is Now

Want a taste of the future? Both new Ford Fusion cars will come with driver-aid technology, which includes a radar that can detect moving vehicles and pedestrians and even stop the car to reduce damage. Also if parallel parking on the busy streets of Utah is a hassle, the cars feature an active park assistant that makes parallel parking a breeze.

Are These Cars For You

The Platinum and the Sport are two sides of the same coin. Both have new design features for both safety and comfort — the only question you have to ask yourself is if on that long car ride you’d rather find yourself driving faster to get there, or better capable of enjoying the ride.

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