2017 Ford Fusion gets Platinum and Sport Versions

Since the Ford Fusion burst into the market drivers have fallen in love with the car, becoming the ninth best-selling vehicle in the Houston region. Now two new Fusion models are breaking onto the scene, one for luxury and the other for speed. All That Glitters Is Platinum Ford’s new luxury vehicle, the 2017 Fusion[…]

Ford Patents a Movie Screen for Their Self-driving Cars

Imagine watching “Fast and Furious” in a car that’s driving itself in a not so fast or furious kind of way. That dream might not be too far off after Ford submitted a patent which envisions turning your self-driving car’s windshield into a movie screen that plays while your car drives itself. Ford has been[…]

Volunteers From Ford Motor Co. Build Sensory Garden for Disabled Children

The Beaumont’s Center for Exceptional Families in Dearborn, Michigan, received a grant from Ford Motor Company for a new sensory garden. The sensory garden will be used to help in the development of disabled children by immersing them in the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.