The Biggest of the 1960s’ Mustang Milestones

Recently, as the greatest country on earth, we celebrated our Independence. When thinking of symbols of the common American experience, people often think of apple pie, college football, the Stars and Stripes and the Statue of Liberty. While all excellent responses, few are the items which rival the iconic status of the Ford Mustang. Sure,[…]

Ford F150 Achieves Aerodynamic Quality With ‘Air Curtains’

The improved gas mileage of the 2015 Ford F150 isn’t the only thing that makes this vehicle unique. Ford integrated things called “air curtains” that take this huge, heavy truck and somehow make it aerodynamic. The air curtains consist of horizontal slots underneath the headlights that help smooth out airflow over the entire truck. This[…]

Ford’s Journey to Establish the Assembly Line

On Dec. 1, 1913, Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line, aiding mass production for automobiles and changing the industry forever. It all started with Ford’s Model T and eventually extended to automobile manufacturers in Utah and all around the world. The Model T was relatively inexpensive according to most dealers, but when Ford’s[…]