The Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing a Used Vehicle

In life, few situations are quite as uncomfortable and stressful as buying a used car. These days, it seems that nearly everyone has either a friend or family member that’s been burnt by a shady used car dealer or individual seller. Whatever your experience has been, when hard-earned cash is being used, certainty with a[…]

Is Your Vehicle Fully Ready for Summertime Heat?

If you’re from Utah, then you’re already more than aware of the crazy weather that frequently visits our state of choice. Generally speaking, during the wintertime it snows and when summer shows up, the proverbial switch is flipped and interminable dry heat ensues. While this year’s weather patterns were anything but ordinary, it appears that[…]

More Than an Auto Manufacturer

Ford is known for making reliable vehicles and selling them at trustworthy dealers. From Utah to the East Coast, the Ford name has made a positive impact on many individuals and communities. However, their quality automobiles aren’t the only factor behind such a good reputation. The company has backed many charities and facilitated other good[…]