Vehicle Ownership: Mileage and Maintenance Checks

Whether you own a reliable Ford F150 here in Utah or live in a different state and drive a vehicle of another make and model, basic car maintenance is of the utmost importance. Though we successfully run our own parts and services shop at our dealership in West Valley, we sadly recognize that there are[…]

Henry Day Ford’s ‘Worry-Free Used Car’ Event

Whether you recently obtained your license or have been driving your Ford F150 all over the state of Utah for decades, you understand what it means to own a vehicle. While car or truck ownership might be a tremendous blessing, the making of such a purchase can cause a great deal of worry, especially if[…]

Henry Day Ford Teams Up With Primary Children’s Hospital

Here at Henry Day Ford, we’re always trying to get involved with the community. While the F150 and Mustang might bring Ford enthusiasts here in Utah a great deal of joy, we openly recognize that there are more important matters in life. For that very reason, in the month of May, we’ve decided to team[…]