Ford Presents the 2015 Vignale Mondeo for Potential Well-to-Do European Clients

From here in Utah to all other parts of the country, the Ford Motor Company is no stranger to automotive ingenuity. Be it the F150 or Explorer, Ford is continually looking for new ways to push the proverbial envelope in an effort to provide better products for their global consumer base. Due to the fact[…]

Ford’s Innovative SYNC System and Henry Day’s Monthly ‘SYNC Sessions’ Response

Here at Henry Day Ford, we love our customers and are just as concerned about them getting the most out of their respective Ford vehicles as we are with closing a sale. In order to more fully ensure that each and every person with whom we work is totally satisfied with their F150 or other[…]

The 2015 Ford Mustang’s Speed and Power Capabilities at a Glance

Ever since it’s market introduction in April of 1964, the Ford Mustang has widely been known as one of America’s most recognizable muscle cars due to her impressive speed and powerful automotive capabilities. Truthfully, 51 years later, little has changed. Sure, this year’s robust Ford F150 has undergone some radical adaptations with its new, all-aluminum[…]

The Ford Mustang’s Hollywood Stardom

From Utah to New York, Americans love the silver screen and muscle cars. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Hollywood has spent much of her time producing great movies featuring the classiest of vehicles in automotive history. Needless to say, with a fast car present, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with an[…]

The New 2015 Ford F-150 Nails Crash Tests, While the GM Pickup Fails to Impress

It appears that Ford’s latest, new and improved version of the Ford F150 is not only turning heads out on dealer lots, but in crash labs from here in Utah to the most remote of rural locations out on America’s East Coast. According to USA Today, federal regulators recently awarded its top five-star crash rating[…]

Henry Day Ford’s ‘Race for the Cure’ Promotional a Smashing Success

Here at Henry Day Ford, we’re always looking to get involved in Utah’s many diverse communities. For that exact reason, we’ve spent the last seven years teaming up with the Race for the Cure staff to not only promote our impressive Ford inventory, but—more importantly—to raise both funds and awareness for breast cancer research. Last[…]

The Ford Motor Company: Automotive Manufacturing Efficiency at Its Finest

It was Henry Ford who once famously said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” He was right. With groundbreaking automotive ingenuity pumping out creations like the F150, Mustang, Focus and Explorer, it’s no wonder that the Ford Motor Company has seen incredible success since it’s initial founding way back in 1903[…]

Why Ford’s ‘Blue Oval’ Couldn’t Be More Green

With slogans like “Go Further,” “Drive One” and “Built Ford Tough,” it’s easy to see why the Ford Motor Company and her many automotive creations have made their respective ways into the hearts and minds of the American people. Furthermore, in the ways of mass advertising, Ford has gained quite a bit of support for[…]

The 2015 Ford F-150 Is Truly Ford’s Greatest Pickup Product

The 2015 Ford F150 has been turning heads for months now. What initially started as a bit of intrigue over the truck’s monumental shedding of over 700 pounds in weight by way of its new, all-aluminum body has quickly transformed into more of an automotive craze for truck enthusiasts both here in Utah and elsewhere.[…]