Mind-Boggling Facts Surrounding the Ford Motor Company’s American Empire

The United States of America is truly the greatest nation in the world. Our continual push for “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” makes our country worthy of such a title. While the aforementioned goal might take the cake as a canopying staple of common Yankee endeavor, speaking of the innate beauty of America[…]

Ford Officially Begins F-150 Assembly In Kansas City

  From Utah to the farthest reaches of America’s East Coast, the Ford Motor Company turned heads when they first announced that they’d be producing a new and improved F150 with an all-aluminum body. As predicted by most auto enthusiasts, Ford’s latest pickup model couldn’t be kept on Ford dealer lots. Due to the public’s[…]

Ford and Microsoft Continue to Work Together

  From Utah to New York, the Ford Motor Company has always had a reputation for staying ahead of the curve in the automotive industry. Currently, nothing is trendier than seamless connectivity for motorists. Not only does hands-free device linking make for safer driving, the practice is enjoyable and becoming more commonplace. In order to[…]

Sorry, the Ford F-150-Based Bronco Isn’t an Actual Vehicle

  Even here in Utah, we can tell when the Internet’s greatest hoax artists are up to no good. Just in case you’ve been duped, we’re sad to inform you that the images of the Ford F150-based Bronco that have been gaining traction on the World Wide Web are nothing more than a past April[…]

Making the Most of Your New 2015 Ford F-150

  From the dusty roads of Circleville, Utah to the busy streets of New York City, most Americans think that owning a pickup is only for the rugged. It’s almost as if you have to work in the blue-collar sector or out on some remote farm to feel qualified for Ford F150 ownership. We know[…]

The Most Iconic Ford F-150 of All-Time

  From Utah to New York, America really does do some things better than other countries. Naturally, there’s a bit of a bias here, but when it comes to pickup truck manufacturing, few are those who rival the automotive ingenuity of the Ford Motor Company. For that very reason, Americans are extremely passionate about their[…]

The Ford F-150: an Automotive Representation of ‘The American Dream’

  From Utah to the farthest reaches of the East Coast, many claim that “The American Dream” no longer exists. The Ford Motor Company would strongly disagree with that claim. Not only was the company started by Henry Ford—the son of an Irish immigrant—in 1903, but many of the brand’s automotive creations continue to be[…]

The Importance of Being ‘American-Made’ In Today’s Day and Age

  Globalization is the process by which philosophies, technologies and businesses spread throughout the world. While the process does a great deal in uniting international cultures, unfortunately, the booming phenomena has had a negative impact on America’s job market. The Ford Motor Company, however, has taken a different stance on the issue as far as[…]