2015 Mustang

It’s time to call up your Ford dealer and get behind the wheel of the all new, 2015 Mustang. With many new and exciting features that come standard, it’s hard not to jump around like a kid on Christmas when your eyes behold the beauty of the new Mustang and all it has to offer.

With the new EcoBoost 2.3 engine, it is quick off the line and still capable of getting great gas mileage. The stop and go traffic that’s so common on the Utah highways won’t be a problem anymore because the car is so quick, you’ll be able to zip right by it all. Driving such a fast car could be scary if it wasn’t loaded with great features like the all-new knee airbags. There are also four other new airbags that come standard in the 2015 Mustang, making it a safe bet for anyone.

Your local Ford dealer at Henry Day Ford is waiting to sell you the Mustang of your dreams. Utah drivers need not worry anymore because now his or her car is there to prevent accidents with blind spot detection and brakes, which will stop the car on a dime. Everybody deserves to drive the best, so stop by Henry Day Ford and get behind the wheel of the new-and-improved Mustang.

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